Got pointed here by a link in the "What We Learned This Week" newsletter by Sara Libby of Voice of San Diego (https://www.VoiceOfSanDiego.org/topics/news/what-we-learned-this-week-319). While I love the work of all our local news teams (we are truly blessed), I secretly most look forward to the "What I'm Reading" links at the end of each VOSD newsletter as my periscope into the world outside San Diego.

And sometimes within San Diego as well! I'm glad to see such great coverage of cannabis culture and commerce. Many friends and family partake, but sadly I'm not one of them. Pot causes my blood pressure to crash and I often faint dead away. Even second-hand smoke or vape poses problems. And the recovery is mildly nauseating, on rare occasions triggering a migraine.

Still, I like to know what's going on (to keep my envy on a slow boil), and will be sharing your work with them.

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How about "Stoned chef uses animal abuse to feel better about killing animals"

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