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May 1, 2022Liked by Jackie Bryant

Nailed it with:

"Outside of the business world, just about nobody cares about the nitty-gritty of this."

I forget where the most recent infograph came from, about two weeks ago, about the Cannabis market (white/grey/black) actually being in the $60b range, right behind Tobacco.

The "nitty-gritty" is more important now than ever considering the rapid pace of our market. This single point should be an "AH-HA?!" awakening moment of sorts to re-consider what we frame as growth. Especially when compared to the Tobacco industry that has taken over a 1/2 a century to reach $70b. In our case, growth might actually be an avalanche which keeps moving faster, taking up more mass and burying those who helped keep create that much needed shift under a blanket of apathy to M&A's, top line business objectives, and "no matter what"; it's the Green Rush, bro!

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